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TBN Meets: Loyiso Bala March 1 8:30PM

TBN Meets: Loyiso Bala

The weekly program features some of Africa's most talented individuals, as well as those who make a difference in, and impact the lives of, their communities.

Elevation: Steven Furtick Thursday 6AM

Elevation: Steven Furtick

An introduction to the Elevation Church. Featuring Steven Furtick and inspirational music, this program spotlights how Elevation is reaching out and helping people all around the world.

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We are inviting the continent of Africa’s partners and programmers to be a part of the TBN family, where viewers experience pure faith and family television like never before! If you wish to air your ministry programming with us, please fill in our online 'Become a Programmer' form for more details.

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CRC Music

Show Me Your Way

Mzansi Playlist

Mike Soul

Jesus Christ My Savior

Mzansi Playlist

The Gratitude

Raba Baba Eh

Mzansi Playlist


Feat Sunday's Best Julian Awari

We are inviting the continent of Africa’s Christian Artists to be a part of the TBN family.  If you wish to feature your music video on TBN Play, please fill in our online 'Submit your TBN Play Music Video' form for more details.

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